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How to use bitcoin payment ?

how to buy and sent bitcoin

Bitcoin CashApp
Withdraw Bitcoin with Cash app (easy)
Downloas the Cash app for your android or ios

With this app of Square, you can buy bitcoin with your credit or debit card.

Then go to the main screen and tap on the top left corner (simbol of a person). There you can see the money you have and your bitcoins, so tap on the bitcoins and at the botton you can see:


withdraw bitcoin (tap on this)

then tap the bitcoins that you want to withdraw, then tap on withdraw and then you can scan a QR code of thee address of bitcoint to sent, or you can copy and paste the address manualy.

Doble check that is the address we provided to you, and then next, confirm. then its gona ask you your pin, put that and then hit done and you just make the payment.

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